Shantou Changxin Weaving Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, which is located in Chaonan district, Shantou city, Guangdong, China. Our company is a leading manufacturer of elastics, with modern industrial workshops of more than 30000 square meters. At present, the company owns hundreds of international advanced equipment, including woven, computer jacquard, knitting,covered yarn, and dyeing machines. 



Specializing in elastics design, production and sales

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11 - 03 - 2013
No less contact with the webbing around the world, our lives

Speaking of the ribbon may have people know what is, but in fact there's people do not know what t...

11 - 03 - 2013
Acrylic webbing composed of two materials by Tetoron and cotton?

Nylon and PP Ribbon distinction: General nylon webbing is first weaving, dyeing, so cut, the color...

11 - 03 - 2013
The webbing also for use by infants assessment saliva-resistant color fastness

Some webbing for use by infants and young children but also assessment saliva-resistant color fast...


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