No less contact with the webbing around the world, our lives

11 - 11 - 2013

Speaking of the ribbon may have people know what is, but in fact there's people do not know what the concept is very vague, and probably is not concerned about this aspect of things right! In fact, the ribbon is everywhere in life. Big championship gold medal ribbon, small public birthday eat cake gift box on the Ribbon, Ribbon figure everywhere. But a lot of people say that the ribbon do not know what is. Specific time with their friends said, it is estimated that will dawned on me that every day contact.

In fact, around the world, our lives no less contact webbing. According to statistics, China's annual production of webbing can be several laps around the earth. This data is staggering, thus demonstrating a little ribbon, spirit everywhere. Below, let Terry Xiaobian to with more in-depth understanding of the webbing!

General Jacquard sided jacquard and double-sided jacquard, used more often today's highest grade nylon webbing jacquard webbing varieties, Jacquard Ribbon exquisite three-dimensional in appearance after Jacquard pattern durable abrasion, never deformation. Brand jacquard, logo clearly visible, bright color, great grades.

Universal nylon webbing in the use of durable, sustainable decade does not change. Weave varied according to the needs of research and development, such as herringbone twill, twill catcher also hollow with (hollow band), plain weave, fine pit patterns and so on. Widely used in handbags, luggage belt, hanging with, outdoor products, leather goods, baby carriages and other products.


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